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There is unfortunately little doubt as to the damage we have done to the environment since the dawning of the industrial age. We have used unsafe building materials, pumped countless toxins into the air, and stunted the natural development of the land all over the world. While we all wish we could start over with a clean slate, the next best thing is to learn from our mistakes and begin taking steps immediately to improve the health and future of the earth – and those steps begin with each one of us.


Sustainable Construction Design


Sure there are plenty of ways to modernize older structures in a more ecologically sound way, but today we now have the technology and the understanding to create buildings which will not only be visually pleasing but also retain the sound integrity we have come to expect from our traditional building methods. But what exactly constitutes as environmentally friendly and "building green”?


The idea is to use products which do not harm the earth and which are sustainable. There are many other types of sustainable construction design supplies such as:


Recycled – These are materials which had been previously used for another purpose which have returned to the factory and been reprocessed to use in new buildings.


Reusable – This would include using supplies which can be re-used in the future, or which have already been used in the past, such as incorporating boards from older buildings into a new structure instead of throwing them away.


Locally Produced – Utilizing materials from a local source puts less of a drain on resources which are used to ship products, and also keep the money spent within the community to ensure future healthy practices.


Becoming a Member of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC)


If you want to do your part to help protect the environment, but aren't entirely sure where to begin, consider membership with the CaGBC. The Council is focused on spreading awareness ofsustainable green building methods as well as facilitating discussions to bring the latest discoveries to its members while continuously coming up with new ideas to better the planet.


National memberships are for companies or organizations, large or small, in the green building industry. Join as a Specialist member or an Advocate member; these national memberships for companies  extend benefits  to all employees.

Chapter memberships are for individuals who want to engage with the green building industry on a local level in one of the eight CaGBC chapter regions across Canada.

Emerging Green Builder (EGB) memberships are Chapter memberships available for those new to the industry and under 30 years of age to help nurture their professional networks and education.



Chapter activities support green building from the grass roots, an important component in the advancement of the industry, so the CaGBC offers free Chapter memberships to all employees of national members.  All employees of Specialist or Advocate member companies can claim a membership with their local Chapter for free. There is no easier way to connect with and build your professional green building industry network.


Being a member of such a prestigious organization not only assists you in becoming a more socially conscious individual, but also makes an unequivocal statement to customers or clients that you are on board with a healthier earth. This is something that many potential consumers these days are looking for in their brands and in who they choose to do business with.


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